There are no Chabad centers (חב"ד נאפולי).

Those wishing to buy Kosher food can look for products on the ARI list in regular supermarkets.

Download the ARI list here (PDF)


Useful information

Conad supermarket, Sapori and surroundings.
Via Alabardieri 10.
Bread under the control of the Rabbinical Office and Ashgacha, (Pat Israel).

Mozzarella Santa Lucia (chalav nochrì).
Mozzarella Granarolo (chalav nochri')
Philadelphia cheese (chalav nochrì).
All cheeses that contain "caglio VEGETALE" (vegetable rennet) or "caglio MICROBICO" (microbial rennet) are kosher (chalav nochrì) such as Leerdammer.
All cheeses that contain "caglio ANIMALE" (animal rennet) or just "CAGLIO" (rennet) are NOT kosher.

Kosher products (without “U” or “K” l marks)
All the pasta is Kosher.
All chocolate is Kosher.
All the milk is Kosher (chalav nochrì).
Nutella is Kosher (chalav nochrì).
Tuna fish CALLIPO is Kosher.
Icecream Algida Magnum Classic is Kosher.
Icecream häagen-dazs is Kosher.


  • Be very carefull with "STRUTTO" (= pork fat), can be put everywere including bread.
  • "Aceto" (= vinagre, not kosher) can be put in mayonese.
  • "Alchool" (based on grapes, therefore not kosher) can be put in industrial bread.

Some products with the Kosher “U” or “K” label can be found in many supermarkets.
For example a good part of "Balconi" products (snacks and cakes) are Kosher with OU marks. 

Kosher restaurants closest to Rome in the Ghetto area.
"Synagoga Central and Ghetto in Rome", Lungotevere de ’Cenci, 00186 Rome.

For information on kosher meals on Shabbat contact the Community This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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