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  • Memorial Day
  • European Day of Jewish Culture 2020
  • Library and Archive
  • Memorial Day

    In 2021, many events are planned for the Holocaust Memorial Day, 27 January which will begin from January 21 to January 29.
    Visit the page with places, dates and times.

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  • European Day of Jewish Culture 2020

    This year the European Day of Jewish Culture will take place on Sunday 6 September 2020 except in NAPLES, where it will be celebrated on SUNDAY 13 SEPTEMBER 2020.

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  • Library and Archive

    The Library of the Jewish Community of Naples is located within the Community itself, on the first floor of Palazzo Sessa, in via Cappella Vecchia, 31.

    Due to international circumstances, please note that, for security reasons, and for the necessary time, access to the Library will be allowed only by appointment.

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